Friday, August 29, 2014

Goodbye to London . . .

Entertainment Center on the train.
August 29, 2014 -- We checked out of our lodgings at about 8 a.m. and made our way to the Paddington Station in Central London. Today, we'll "hook up" with our friends Roger and Helen. They live outside of London and about 15 miles from Swindon U.K. We'll be spending the weekend with them before our transit to Edinburgh, Scotland on Monday.

Our train didn't depart until 10:30, so after buying our tickets, we enjoyed a cup of coffee at the Starbuck's in the station. The train ride to Swindon was just over an hour and was enjoyable. Even though there is no wifi on-board, a video screen offered a variety of entertainment options. It made the journey quick and pleasant.
Helen, Roger and Linda enjoy a
cuppa of "Proper English Tea".

Roger picked us up at at the Swindon Station around noon and we made our way to his home. Along the way, we stopped a local "pub" for lunch and a drink -- and a good amount of good laughter and conversation! The food in these little "out of the way" pubs is always enjoyable -- and ample. We arrived at Roger and Helen's home at around 3:30 and "got re-acquainted" with Helen. It had been almost two years ago since we hosted Roger and Helen at my house in Palm Desert.

From L to R:  Self, Linda Robert and Rick.
Sue, Helen and Roger at the Hunter's Hall Inn
in King's Coate, U.K.
This evening, is an 8 p.m. dinner with Roger, Helen and some of their friends. Tomorrow?? Well, we'll see what the weekend will bring.

11:30 p.m. -- We ended the evening at a delightful dinner with Roger, his wife and son and friends. The food was very good, the company was even better. We met Rick and his Sue and enjoyed an evening of good fun and humorous discussions. These British "pubs" are wonderful places to join friends and family in food, drink and friendship.