Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The adventure continues. Today I received my Eurail pass. It's good for 2 months and allows me to use just about any train in all the countries I'll be visiting except for one -- the Czech Republic. I'll be traveling to and from Europe on British Airways and will fly into Heathrow and out of Amsterdam. The rules of the airline require that I depart and return to the same U.S. airport, so I've chosen to use San Francisco International. Finally, I've purchased complete travel and health insurance for the trip. It isn't too expensive and will be invaluable should I need it for one reason or another.

I bought a pair of waterproof Merrill hiking shoes and I've been wearing them a couple of hours every day to break them in. I also purchased a Kilty 43 liter backpack. This will be the only luggage I'll carry for the trip. Other items I bought are quick drying "undies" -- you know, wear one and wash one. I'll carry two of these. Two pair of socks too, the same kind.

While it's still preliminary, I posted a map showing the general itinerary of my trip. The map shows the main cities, but there will be lots of little villages on the way I want to visit. One of my goals during this trip is to get away from the major cities and wander through the country-side. I think it'll be more enjoyable as well as an opportunity to meet interesting people.

During the couple of days I'll stay in the larger cities, my plan to is to take a half-day city tour by bus or taxi. This way, I'll get the lay of the land and see some sites I may otherwise miss. I plan to work up a list of museums, universities, churches and synagogues and other "must see" venues.

Bye for now -- or should I say Ciao!!??