Friday, August 23, 2013

Street Musicians and . . .

Street Musicians in Haifa, Israel
We had a late start and a quiet day today. We explored a district just north of our Inn and found a street faire in full swing. A couple of street musicians entertained the crowd and, at one point, a woman from the crowd walked up the microphone and started singing in Spanish. Her rendition of "Besame Mucho" was pretty good.

Since our plan was to explore the Bahai Garden tomorrow, we ventured to the "Cinemall" we discovered. The three of us explored a bit and managed to watch the new film "2 Guns". It was good, and I commend it to you!!

As the day progressed, later in the afternoon, the shops started closing for Shabbat. Tomorrow will be a quiet day until Shabbat ends at sundown. We plan to do some "chores" in preparation for our trip to Tel Aviv on Sunday and our return home, via Air Canada, on Monday.

Stay tuned. . .