Sunday, August 19, 2012

This will be a short entry. We arose this a.m. and enjoyed a cuppa coffee with my niece Deb. After leaving her home, we drove the 25 miles to Portland Maine and turned in the car at the airport. A quick cab ride to the Amtrak station and we were on the 12:25 p.m. train for Boston. It's a pleasant ride, made even more pleasant by the fact they have wifi on board!! We got into the North Station at 3 p.m. and made our way to our lodgings across town. We've learned to use the subway quite well and were able to navigate the way easily.

After dinner, we settled in the lobby for a bit of TV and enjoyed the comings and goings of the other guests. A pleasant evening. I'm told by my friend Jim in Palm Desert it has been hot and humid at home. Brutally so, according to his report. Boston is a very pleasant 74-degrees or so. I found myself carrying a sweat-shirt with me as we made we walked around the city this evening. Not bad, wouldn't you say??


We'll see.

Stay tuned......