Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Here is where Prague is located.

I was able to get the early train from Munich to Prague today. And it was a lucky thing I did. The rail system
enroute to Prague required maintenance and we were about 2 hours late. Arriving in the daytime allowed me to find where my lodgings were without having to deal with getting around the city at night.

We had to change trains in Plsen in the Czech Republic. The train station was right out of the 1900's. Although it was old and dirty from soot and other elements in the air, it was none-the-less charing enough. Very "European". Simple wooden benches were provided for travelers waiting for their train. We waited around 20 minutes and were back on-board an old looking train heading, again, for Prague. During the train trip, I felt a bit cold and put on the sweat shirt I bought at the Greenwich Observation in London. After we arrived in Prague, I took off the shirt and wrapped it around the handle of my suitcase. As I left the train and walked toward the main station, I was pushed and shoved a bit. I didn't think too much of it, until I realized my sweat shirt was gone!! I suppose someone needed it more than I!! Oh well, lesson learned.

I'm not very concerned about the theft, but it does remind me that there are dishonest people around, and one must watch out at all times. I keep my important valuables close at hand, and continually check to ensure they are secure. As is usually the case when getting to a new city, it's time to sit back with the maps and the tour-guide. Prague is an old city and deserves careful consideration. So, more on that later.

Bye for now...