Friday, August 10, 2012

Harvard School of
Arts and Sciences
Linda and I did follow through on our trip to Harvard Square. We went onto the Harvard campus and enjoyed a nice tour and discussion of the history of the University and surrounding area by a student tour-guide. We also enjoyed a great lunch at "Grendel's Den". I had gone there in the 80's and it was still delightful. Harvard Square has changed quite a bit since my last visit -- except for the character and charm of the neighborhood. College towns are always enjoyable.

During our brief stay on the Harvard Square, we did find "Dewey, Cheetam and Howe". If you don't know who these "people" are, a search of the Internet will fill you in on their significance.

OK, so here's a quiz.  It's Friday, what happens on Friday??  Are you thinking about it??  Well, you're right -- new movies come out!!  We made the 2 p.m. showing of Bourne Legacy. Wow, what a great movie. Don't let yourself miss it.. We loved it.

We then worked our way back the Back Bay and the Copley Square area for a walk-about and dinner at Legal Seafood. The fish was "OK", but for some reason some chef thought it'd be better with batter and then deep fried. "Sorry Charlie" -- it was mediocre at best. Oh well. the expectation is always better than the reality -- right??

By the time we finished dinner, the weather had turned to thunder showers and heavy rain. We walked through the underground tunnels to the train station and expected to wait out the rain before walking back to the Inn. OK, and this is weird -- "some one" had left an umbrella on the bench along side of us. We asked all of those around us if the umbrella belonged to them. The answers were all "no". So, we grabbed the umbrella and made the 5 block walk to our lodgings without getting too wet.

So again this even, we're in early. Tomorrow we have a 10:30 a.m. train for Portland Maine. We'll be visiting  family and friends while there.

More to come..