Friday, August 24, 2012

Staten Island Ferry
As usual, we started out in Starbucks this morning. It was past 10 a.m. before we headed out for the day, but we made our way downtown to the very bottom tip of Manhattan. We took the subway to the South Ferry station and decided to take a trip to Staten Island on the ferry. It turns out one can ride the ferry for "free". We enjoyed the trip across the bay to Staten Island and disembarked. There isn't too much by the ferry building, but we did walk around the waterfront a bit, taking in the flavor of the city. The ferry runs every 30 minutes or so, so it didn't take too long to catch another ferry back to the City.

On the Brooklyn Bridge
Back in Manhattan, we decided to walk to and across the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm not sure of all the bridges in New York City, but pedestrians can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked the entire span into Brooklyn and followed the signs to Brooklyn Heights. By now we were hungry, so we found a delightful restaurant on Henry Street and enjoyed a great meal. Once again, the food was outstanding. It must be the competition, but I figure if the food isn't very good, the restaurant won't last very long! There are 13 million people in the City.

By that time it was around 3:30 p.m. and we were pretty tired from the long walk from the Staten Island Ferry across the bridge to Brooklyn, so we decided to take the subway back into town. The subway took us to Times Square and we took the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal. From there it's a short walk to our lodgings.

This evening was quiet. We walked to Times Square again and enjoyed a snack from one of the street-side vendors. Our plan, tomorrow, is to revisit Coney Island -- so stay tuned. More to come.....