Friday, March 28, 2008

Time flies, and leaving for Europe is getting a lot closer. I've been playing catch-up over the last couple of weeks. I had 3 telescope kits to build (did you know I build telescope kits for extra $$$?). I came home from Jennifer's house on March 22nd and got busy the following day. I have one more to go, and I'll be done with all three of them.

I've also bought a very small PC, called an Asus Eee PC. It has a 7" screen, runs on Linux and weighs about 1.5 pounds It'll give me a chance to roam the internet and get on email while in Europe. One of the neat features, is a full Ethernet and wireless capability. At first I put the PC into my backpack and it seemed fine. Then, as I was visting an Any Mountain store in Berkeley, I found a day bag made by Pacsafe. Pacsafe sells travel bags with various anti-theft features -- wire net and cables. I also bought some combination locks for the zippers. So, for a few $$$, I now have a daybag I think is more secure than my backpack. I've bought some other little bits and pieces, so I'm getting closer to thinking I've got everything I need.

I've been hearing and reading alot about theft and pick pocketing in Europe, particularly Paris. So I've been thinking about protecting myself in various ways. I bought a "leg wallet" and a zippered bag to wear under the clothes. Hopefully I'll deter the thieves! I also heard one should copy their passports and credit cards, so I've scanned them and put them into a passworded folder on the Internet. I'll take printouts with me as well. I've arranged for my realtor here in Castro Valley to watch the house while I'm gone (did I tell you I'm interested in selling my house and moving into the southland or Phoenix?).

So, I'll be leaving for Los Angeles on April 15 or 16. Jennifer and I are going to have some fun on a 10K walk, going to Chicago for Passover and then to my kids for the Second Sedar. At the same time, I've promised my grandson, Oliver, I'd spend some time with him, so I'll take a couple of days before I leave to take him to the movies and have a fun "sleep over". It'll also be fun seeing my son, his wife and my granddauther.

That's all for now,

Doskoro, Dennis