Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sea Dog Brewery - Brunswick ME.
Today we intended returning to Portland Maine, turning in the car and then taking the train back to the Boston area. We are set to spend a couple more days in Boston so Linda can see her lifelong friends who live nearby. Since we were going back a day early, I thought that it would be prudent to call the lodgings to see if we could add a day to our reservations.  We found it was not possible.

I called a couple other places with no luck, so we thought we'd stay in Portland Maine overnight. Three calls later and we found most of the area lodgings were booked for the weekend (I had forgotten it was Saturday). Apparently, lots of things happen in the Portland and Boston area over the summer weekends, so lodgings are very tight. 

What to do!!??

Pat, Self and Deb
We called my niece Deb and found we could stay with them overnight and proceed on to Portland and Boston in the morning. We took Deb and her partner to dinner as a "thank you" and enjoyed a delightful dinner at the Sea Dog Brewery in Brunswick. The food, and company, was outstanding.

So, tomorrow, we'll start again! We'll be in Boston for a couple of days and then back to New York to see some more sights and people. Our trip is coming to a close.

Stay tuned...........