Friday, August 08, 2014

After a false start on Wednesday, we boarded the plane for Heathrow London Airport on Thursday at 5:45 p.m. YES!! The plane departed as planned and we enjoyed an uneventful flight to the U.K. Our next task was to make our way to the connecting flight to Cork Ireland.

We found our terminal and gate information and saw that we must go through a security check. OK. No worries!! As it turns out, Linda was chosen for a "random" search -- so after a few minutes in the full-body xray and pat down, we thought we were through. But -- not yet.. I noticed our small suitcases were shunted to a side-line for checking. And check they did. Both of our bags were completely unpacked. They were swabbed for drugs and tested, and my "toothpaste" was confiscated! It was a 25 minute process.

We both handled the ordeal with humor but were surprised at the thoroughness of their security check. It was far more extensive then our experience in Israel!! Additionally, we passed through "2" checkpoints for passport-control. But, we made it through and "just in time" for our flight to Cork. Because of the extensive security check we had almost missed our connecting flight.

Once in Cork we made our way to the Kent Train Station by bus. It cost us $7.5 Euros -- about $11 each. Our lodgings, the Oscar Hotel, is across the street from the train station, so it's convenient as we make our way around Southern Ireland.

The rest of today -- it is now about 6 p.m. -- we kick back and get some rest. We'll find a nice "joint" for dinner and maybe a Guinness or two!! Tomorrow, we'll get serious about exploring the area.