Monday, July 30, 2012

Linda and I got to the Palm Springs Airport around 6 a.m. (our good buddy Jim gave us a ride) and boarded an American Airlines flight at 7. After departing, we flew into Dallas and then on to Reagan National. It was an easy ride. Unlike my usual pattern, I actually slept for a little while, so the flight went quickly.

Once in Washington D.C. we made our way to the Metro and took the subway to the Gallery Place (Chinatown) Metro station. A short 3 block walk and we were at the Capital View Inn on I and 3rd St. We're also a short walk to the National Mall and the museums we want to see.

Around 7 p.m. we went into Chinatown and had dinner at a local joint. The food was just "ok", but edible!! We agreed not to go back there again!! Oh well, one must strike out sometimes.

Tomorrow we'll be heading over to the National Air and Space Museum and American History. If we have time, we'll also go over to the Holocaust Museum. We've made arrangements with our U.S. Representative -- Mary Bono Mack -- for a Capital and Pentagon tour on Wednesday. That should prove interesting. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get a White House tour as we didn't give them enough notice. They tell me one needs 3 or 4 months for those tours.

P.S. Don't tell Ms. Mack I'm not gonna vote for her!!!

More to follow..