Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our train to NYC from Boston
We woke to a beautiful day in Boston. The weather was cool and perfect for walking. After breakfast, we checked out of the 40Berkeley Inn and made our way to the South Station (Back Bay) train station on foot. It's about 4 blocks. Our train was to leave at 9:41 a.m. After a brief wait, we boarded and made ourselves comfortable. As usual there was wifi on the train, so I set up my computer and played around with email and Facebook. We arrived at Penn Station in New York at 2 p.m.

At Rockefeller Center, NYC
It wasn't much of a walk to our lodgings on 47th Street and Third Avenue. After checking in we set out to explore the neighborhood and found a nice little Chinese restaurant nearby. After the train trip, we were hungry, so we had an early dinner. We set out on foot and started across town on 47th Street toward Broadway.  As we explored the area, we came upon Rockefeller Center and checked out the grounds. It's a beautiful venue with lots to see and explore. As one might expect it was crowded (all of NYC is busy, it seems -- all the time). Radio City Music Hall is right around the corner, so we explored there a bit as well.

We continued toward Times Square and found ourselves in front of the AMC Movie Theater. We decided to see Sparkle. The film starts slow, but it turned out to be  good film. The music was great. As we were leaving the theater, we noticed another movie just starting -- SO, Y-E-S, we walked in and saw the film Hit and Run. It, too, is a pretty good film, with lots of great humor and action. We finally left the theater at 9 p.m. and started walking back to our hotel.

Time Square was ablaze with light and at one point, upon leaving the theater, I thought it was daylight! As always, the Square was crowded with people and vendors.  The weather continued to be warm and comfortable, so we enjoyed walking as we were making our way back to the hotel. We stopped at a falafel vendor and shared a great snack of salad, rice and  falafel. The food was really delicious -- actually the best we've had since our trip to Europe last summer.

So, it's time to "hit the sack". As always, readers and friends, stay tuned..........